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Maharashtra State Board Class 10 Board Exam 2023 Post Paper Analysis Maths Part 2 (15th March)

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education successfully conducted the SSC Mathematics – Geometry - Part II Paper for SSC students of Class 10 today, 15th March 2023.Students rated the paper as moderate but time-consuming. Most questions were textbook-based.

Objective-type questions were rated easy. The SSC 10 Math paper II was 40 marks which students were to attempt in two hours, and extra 10 minutes were provided for reading the paper. All the questions were compulsory. However, an internal choice in questions was provided.

The question paper comprises 5 main questions, 3 of which were divided into parts A and B. Here we decode the SSC Class 10 Math Paper II for 2023 with the final review and analysis.

Chapter-wise distribution of Marks with options


 Chapter-wise percentage distribution of Marks



The significant chapter Circle had the highest marks, followed by chapters Similarity and Mensuration. Chapters – Pythagoras Theorem, Geometric Constructions, Co-ordinate Geometry and Trigonometry, each had an equal number of marks distribution.

According to some students' reactions and experts' feedback, the difficulty level of the paper was moderate to strenuous and was time-consuming. A few questions were tough, but overall, it was an average paper.

Watch Maharashtra Board Class 10 SSC Maths Part 2 Post Paper Analysis detailed explanation-



The experts, too, rated this paper as moderate. We agree that the Math paper was average and time-consuming. Anyway, focus on your following papers and score good marks. You can visit TopperLearning for any exam-related help and queries. The questions were tough, but overall, it was an average paper.

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