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Last 50 Days Guide for JEE Main Aspirants

The JEE Main Exam is an important entrance examination to apply for the best engineering institutes in India. It is carried out by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The examination will take place two times in 2024: in January from 24th January to 1st February and in April from 1st April to 15th April.

Paper 1 and Paper 2 are the two papers that will be included in the JEE Main 2024 exam. Paper 1 is for admissions to B.E./B. Tech courses, while Paper 2 is for admissions to B.Arch/B.Planning courses. Candidates who clear the JEE Main Exam will be eligible for the JEE Advanced Exam, which is the second exam required to get into IITs.

To-do List for Students for the Last 50 Days

For the last two years, you have been studying hard for one of the most important exams of your life. There are just 50 days left before the exam; the pressure is on, and we understand that it is a stressful time. But panicking is not an option. With a good to-do list, you can be ready for the exam and give your ultimate best to it.

#1. Stay Updated on the Syllabus

The NTA has issued the revised JEE Main 2024 syllabus. All three sections—Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics—have some topics deleted. It is important that you are updated regarding the deleted topics. It is suggested that you concentrate on the other topics and work through past years' test questions to gain a solid grasp of the format and level of difficulty of the exam.

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#2. Make Revision Notes

It is very important to have a handy set of revision notes with you, which can help you with quick revisions in the last few days and hours. There are different ways of making notes. You should always try to make notes that would be the best for you. Understand your syllabus thoroughly, divide it into smaller parts, and group the topics on the basis of their difficulty and importance. With the help of good quality study material such as video lectures, NCERT solutions, etc., you can get help in making better notes.

#3. Take Multiple Mock Tests 

The secret to success in JEE Main is practice. Cover a range of problems, such as sample papers and question papers from previous years. This improves your problem-solving skills and helps you become familiar with the exam pattern. Identify your weak points and give yourself more time to fix them. Take extended mock tests on a regular basis to assess your level of preparation.

In addition to assisting, you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses, mock tests also increase your self-assurance. Never ignore a topic or subject since, in a competitive exam like JEE Main, every mark matters. Effective time management is essential during the test. To increase your speed and accuracy, practice problem-solving under timed settings.

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#4. Make a Checklist for Revision and Mocks

Remember to keep track of the topics you have covered, topics left, time left, difficult and easy topics, etc. Tick off the topics you have revised. The best way to keep track of your progress is to maintain a proper timetable, which includes the time divided for each topic, mock test, etc. Keep track of the mock tests and previous years’ question papers you have already practised. What are the areas you need more practice? What questions do you need to practise more? Keep track of this kind of information.

#5. Check Previous Year Trends Analysis

The JEE Main analysis covers a wide range of topics, including test topics, memory-based questions, and student feedback. You can gain a better understanding of the question paper pattern, question types, and weighted coverage of each concept from the JEE Main curriculum by referring to the analysis. You can review the analysis to learn about the exam's difficulty level, the kinds of questions that are asked, key topics, and a lot more. Basically, you can efficiently and appropriately study for the exam if you have all the knowledge at your fingertips.

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