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Language Mastery: Why Grammar Matters in Class 10 English Curriculum

Grammar is a quintessential part of learning any language. More than emphasising how to use words correctly, it also helps understand patterns and pronunciations. Wondering why it’s essential to focus on mastering grammar in Class 10? That is because the marks you will score in the 10th board exam will help secure admission to a prominent higher secondary school of choice. Also, there is more to the list. Carry on with reading and discover for yourself.

Importance Of Learning Grammar In Class 10 English Curriculum

Class 10 is an important phase in one’s educational experience. Out of all, it’s the grasp on the learning language, specifically Grammar, that helps one move ahead.   

Simplifies The Learning Experience

As discussed, Grammar is an essential part of any language. It helps learners express their thoughts and communicate ideas as precisely as possible. From the construction of sentences to organising them coherently into a paragraph, an in-depth understanding of Grammar is what makes the journey seamless. Students end up with better scores in the Class 10 English examination.

Earn The Ultimate Reading Proficiency

Understanding Grammar works as an aid in reading comprehension. It facilitates a better understanding, not only in English but also in other subjects. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for the student.  

Helps Explore Creative Abilities

Students with appropriate knowledge of specific words, phrases and tenses are more at ease while channelling their inner voice. They are swift at creatively explaining an aspect or topic involved. This, at times, helps one write better cover letters and explanatory paragraphs as part of entrance examinations required to qualify for higher secondary courses. 

Essential Steps To Master English Grammar In Class 10

With the importance explained, now, it’s time to help you out with the mandates! The steps by which you can master all possibilities and concepts in English Grammar Class 10.

Understand The Syllabus

Out of everything, you should start by exploring the comprehensive syllabus in English Grammar Class 10. Know what topics are listed in the curriculum by your board and the weightage allotted to each. Allocate more time to the ones with better weightage and practise those daily.

Practise From Trusted Sources

It’s always better to follow board-specific textbooks or guidelines to score the highest grades. For your daily practice, confine to trusted sources offering adequate coverage of the syllabus provided. TopperLearning can help with 2000+ questions and 10+ sample papers. Class 10 study packages present you with a myriad of options.     

Work On Feedback

A consistent approach will always earn you better results in Class 10 English Grammar and comprehension. Once done with solving practice papers, work on the parts you still find difficult to explain. When practising through TopperLearning, you can use the Ask A Doubt interface to shoot questions and find answers instantly.


When you are on a journey to master any language, Grammar adds to the difference! The more clarity you have, the easier it gets to explain. And of all, the Class 10 curriculum in Grammar is really important. With exponential pioneers like TopperLearning, things get easy to express. Level up your exam prep for all subjects with TopperLearning

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