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Is Technology Playing with our Health?

There is no doubt that technology has made our lives easier. Today, there are many things we can do in a jiffy--all thanks to technological advances. A perfect example is email, which has replaced traditional letters. Today, technology addiction is immense--from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we sleep, we are engrossed in our technological devices.


So, the question is: Are we governing technology or is technology governing us? Is technology making us a hunchback?

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One of the major setbacks of technology is that we are taking our health for granted! Knowingly or unknowingly, we suffer from health problems caused by our favourite devices. Anything in excess is not good, and the same applies for technology.


We know you love your computer: Your computer or laptop can easily help you utilise your free time without even getting bored for a second. Thanks to social media sites, addiction to internet and computers/laptops has only increased. Nevertheless, have you ever thought that sitting with your laptop/computer for long hours can actually harm your back? In fact, many children have already developed the habit of sitting with a hunchback. Also, gradually, sitting for long hours becomes a habit, which is not good for your body.


Neck v/s Smartphones: One thing that technology has successfully accomplished is that it has made us busy to the core. Everybody you observe is busy with his/her smartphone, iPad, notebook and other similar devices. We are so deeply absorbed in our favourite devices that we neglect our delicate neck.  


Eyes Matter: With advancement of technology, we have started taking our eyes for granted. Eyes play an important role in the usage of technology. Just imagine the pressure and strain your eyes face when you are glued to your favourite device. Over the years, eye problems in children have increased. Make sure you take care of your eyes!


Harmful Radiations: Another important disadvantage of technological devices is that some of them emit harmful radiations, which are not good for the brain. These radiations can harm us internally and have long-term effects. These radiations can lead to brain tumours and other genetic damages.


On one hand, technology has made things accessible and life entertaining, but on the other hand, we have become immobile. How often do you go out and play? Aren’t you glued to your mobile, iPad or computer screens after coming back from school? Well, it is important to learn new things and welcome change but not at the cost of your health. 


Pratibha Yadav

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