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ICSE Exam Jitters? 3 Calming Techniques to Ace Your Exam

Exams are a necessary component of academic life. They are meant to assess your understanding and grasp of a specific topic. It is normal for students to feel anxious and concerned before their exams. Truthfully, a little nervousness is normal because it signifies your desire to perform well in the examinations. According to a survey conducted by the Manodarpan cell of the National Council of Educational Research and Training, around 80% of students suffer from severe stress and anxiety before their exams.

Let’s understand the stress before the ICSE board exam and other exams and learn 3 calming methods to help you relax your mind and give your best in the exams.

Calming Techniques to Ace Your Exams

Here are three calming techniques that can help you to let go of the exam stress and ace the exams.

Close Your Eyes and Let Go!

Meditation is a great approach to dealing with stress. It is to put the past behind us, release negative thoughts, and discover inner peace. Meditation can help you remain calm, balanced, and focused throughout the examinations. You can gain the benefits of meditation by giving a few minutes per day. 

Fact: Meditation has also been shown to increase cognitive function, memory retention, and general mental well-being.

It can improve creativity and self-awareness, helping you to understand what you are feeling and thinking more effectively. Meditation may also benefit your physical health, such as lowering your blood pressure.

It’s Time to Shake a Leg!

Aside from stress reduction, mood improvement, and cognitive function enhancement, physical activity provides various other benefits. Exercise can help lessen exam stress. Exercise additionally helps to improve sleep quality and avoid insomnia. Better sleep can help to reduce stress and enhance general well-being.

Fact: Exercise helps the body produce endorphins that act as natural stress relievers.

Try to add some sort of exercise to your daily routine, even if it's only a short walk. Dancing may also be a pleasant and enjoyable way to exercise while improving coordination and timing. It is one of the most common exam stress control approaches.

Twist the Boring Notes to Fun

Fun tactics like making mind maps, using flashcards, or studying with classmates can make the learning experience more interesting and entertaining. Experiment with several study strategies to see what works best for you. Gamifying your studies is another wonderful approach to make studying enjoyable. Quizzes and crossword puzzles can be used to make your study material more interactive.

Fact: Studies have shown that brief breaks filled with enjoyable experiences can effectively reduce stress levels, improve mood, and contribute to better focus and concentration when returning to cognitive tasks.

Taking regular breaks is also necessary. Use such breaks to do something enjoyable, such as listen to music or watch an amusing video, which will help you refresh and get back to your studies with fresh energy.

Summing Up

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