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ICSE English Literature Paper Tips

The ICSE English Literature Paper is designed to evaluate how well students can appreciate literary writing. While the two most important tips are 1. To read the question paper and plan your answers (before you actually begin writing) and 2. Check the paper for grammar and spelling (before you submit it), English experts at TopperLearning want you to keep in mind the following tips to do well in your ICSE English Paper- II tomorrow.

  1. Read the question paper carefully in the time slot provided.
  2. While attempting the reference to context questions, write answers that are to the point.
  3. Cover different parts of the question in different paragraphs.
  4. Cover all points from the question to avoid cutting of marks.
  5. Use simple sentences that put across your point clearly.
  6. Refrain from using excessively flowery vocabulary.
  7. Pay more attention to covering the events from nearby the given extracts.
  8. Do not repeat ideas even if the questions are related. Rephrase your answers.
  9. Keep in mind the characteristics of the main characters to help you frame your answers.
  10. While attempting long answer questions, use quotes and examples from the main text.
  11. Combine the character sketch with your opinion about the event in long answer questions.
  12. Check your paper for grammatical and spelling errors before you submit it.

Keep calm, avoid scribbling, write well, and relax! Good Luck!

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