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ICSE Class 10 Geography Board Exam 2024 Post Paper Analysis - 28th February

The ICSE board examination for class 10 students started on the 21st of February, 2024. The fourth examination, Geography (HGC Paper-II) for the 2023-2024 academic session, was conducted by the Indian Council of Secondary Examination today, on 28th February. 

The timing for the Geography (HGC Paper-II) was 11 am to 1 pm with an additional 15 minutes as reading time before the start of the examination. It was a 2-hour long examination with questions from the complete syllabus of the academic year. The CISCE examinations are being held across thousands of schools in India and other countries affiliated with the ICSE board. This year, more than 2 lakh class 10 students are appearing for the ICSE board examinations. 

Before the Geography (HGC Paper-II), English Paper-I, English Paper-II, and History And Civics (HGC Paper-I) were conducted. The examinations were of moderate difficulty level, and students were confident and excited for today’s examination. After the examinations, students were seen discussing the time taken on each question and the length of the question paper. According to the students, this exam paper was of easy to moderate difficulty and was not quite lengthy. The students easily managed within the allotted time. 

Let's get a detailed view of the ICSE class 10 Geography exam paper. 

Question Paper Structure

Geography (HCG Paper-II) for ICSE class 10 students is for a total of 100  marks. The paper has two components: the two-hour theory paper, which accounts for 80 marks, and the 20-mark internal assessment, which includes project work and viva voce. Let us break down the theory paper that was conducted on 28th February 2024. 

The Geography (HCG Paper-II) 2023-2024 examination paper included different types of questions from the prescribed textbook based on the syllabus for the academic year. It followed the standard ICSE board pattern. Let us have a look at the paper structure.

The exam paper was completely in line with the specimen paper uploaded by CISCE. The Geography exam paper was based on the given ICSE board examination paper pattern and included two sections: 

Part I was of a total of 30 marks. It was the compulsory section. It was comprised of three questions:

Question 1 was on the topographical sheet. It consisted of questions based on the different features of the sheet of 10 marks.

Question 2 was mapwork for 10 marks. Students needed to mark and label the different physical features on the map of India.

Question 3 consisted of MCQ-based questions for 10 marks based on the syllabus.

Part II was the optional section, which consisted of twelve questions. Students needed to attempt any five questions from this part. This section was of a total of 50 marks. Each question had four sub-parts of two and three marks. The questions were based on the chapters in the syllabus. Each question in Part II is based on a particular topic.

Now, let us go through the ICSE class 10 Geography (HCG Paper-II) exam paper and understand every element and the marks allocated on each question and topic. 

Question Paper Analysis

On the basis of the reviews gained from the students and subject experts, here is a tabulated analysis of the ICSE class 10 History and Civics exam paper.



Overall Paper Analysis

Overall difficulty level

Easy to moderate

Was the paper lengthy?

Lengthy but doable

Overall expected good score


Difficulty level of Part I

Easy to moderate

Expected good score in Part I


Difficulty level of Question 1: Topo sheet


Expected good score in Question 1


Difficulty level of Question 2: Map work


Expected good score in Question 2


Difficulty level of Question 3: MCQs


Expected good score in Question 3


Difficulty level of Part II

Easy to moderate

Expected good score in Part II


Distribution of Marks 

The standard pattern of distribution of marks for the ICSE Class 10 Geography (HCG Paper-II) exam paper.

Question Number

Maximum Marks

Part I

30 marks

Question 1: Topo sheet

10 marks

Question 2: Map work

10 marks

Question 3: MCQs

10 marks

Part II

50 marks

Question 4

10 marks

Question 5

10 marks

Question 6

10 marks

Question 7

10 marks

Question 8

10 marks

Question 9

10 marks

Question 10

10 marks

Question 11

10 marks

Question 12

10 marks

Total Questions to attempt: 8 questions

Total marks: 80 marks

Student Feedback

  • The questions for topography and maps were easy. 
  • The MCQs were tricky for some, while most of the students found them easy.
  • All questions were from the ICSE Class 10 Geography syllabus. 
  • The question paper pattern was similar to the previous years. 

Expert Feedback

  • The teachers found the paper to be relatively easier compared to the previous years. 
  • The map section could have been slightly more time-consuming.
  • The short-answer type questions were simple and scoring. 
  • Students who had covered the syllabus in depth will be able to score good marks.
  • Section A demanded a clear understanding of concepts. Students had to have the ability to think critically to solve and answer questions accurately.


Class 10 students appeared for their third ICSE board examination today. The Geography (HGC Paper-II) exam paper was of easy to moderate difficulty, according to the students. The map work and topo sheet were scoring sections for the students. The question paper consisted of an evenly distributed syllabus in different questions. Each topic was given the required marks weightage. After having a good History and Civics examination, the students were confident of scoring good marks in the Geography paper, too, giving them a good percentage in the overall result in the ICSE class 10 board. Students can easily score 60+ marks in the Geography exam if they have done adequate practice of topo sheet and map work along with the detailed revision of all the chapters. 

The next paper for ICSE class 10 students is going to be on 4th March of Physics (Science Paper-I). The class 10 ICSE board examinations started on 21st February and are going to end on 28th March. Today was the fourth examination of Geography (HCG Paper-II). The upcoming examinations are going to be more important for the students. 

Stay tuned with TopperLearning for regular updates on the syllabus and other updates for your upcoming exams and academic years!! We wish all the students all the very best for the upcoming examinations.

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