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How to Prepare Smartly for Class XII Math Boards?

Does one have to be a genius to do mathematics?
The answer is an emphatic NO. In order to make good and useful contributions to mathematics, one does need to work hard, learn one's field well, learn other fields and tools, ask questions, talk to other mathematicians, and think about the "big picture". And yes, a reasonable amount of intelligence, patience, and maturity is also required. But one does not need some sort of magic "genius gene" that spontaneously generates ex nihilo deep insights, unexpected solutions to problems, or other supernatural abilities.

And to score good in Math paper, one needs to follow the following tips.

How to prepare smartly for Math CBSE board exam.

1. At this stage, first do every single question of your NCERT including the miscellaneous exercises. Click here forTextbook solutions.

2. After doing each Chapter of the NCERT do the last five year CBSE questions of that topic
3. After that attempt Sample papers and Model Papers time bound.

4. For the one mark questions, you get the full one mark for writing the correct answer. Do not waste your time on writing the steps of solution. Also draw all figures, in AOD, AOI etc free hand to save time.

5. Do not forget to write the constant of integration, the modulus for the logarithm, the plus and minus sign when taking square root.

6. Attempt your paper in the order in which you are used to doing it. Do not try something new during the exam. If you get stuck at a question , mark it , move ahead and come back to it later.

7. Sleep well on the night before the exam. A well rested mind thinks better.

8. Good Luck to you from all of us at Topper
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