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How to Keep Your Study Room Clean?

Can you imagine yourself studying in an area which is cluttered? Well, not really! It is very important to clean your study area to concentrate and avoid distractions.


Leave your Shoes Outside your Room


It is always good to leave your shoes outside your room. This way you can avoid the dust that comes with your footwear.




Keep a Waste Paper Basket at Arm's Reach

Keep a waste paper basket at arm's reach to throw all unwanted paper work that is a by-product of your rough work and practice sessions during your exams. Ensure that this waste paper basket is used only for paper waste!




Dust and Clean on a Regular Basis

Dust and clean your books and bookshelf on a regular basis. Unclean surfaces of your bookshelf can eventually stain the entire book.




Avoid Eating Near your Study Area

Try and avoid eating near your study area. Your study area should be such that as soon as you enter that place you should feel like studying. It should be devoid of all temptations.




Arrange your Books Properly

Make sure you arrange your books properly. Students have the habit of leaving their books scattered after completing their studies. This is not right. Make sure you arrange your books properly before and after studying. Keep only those books with you that are required for the day. There is no point taking out all the books and not even touching them.




Take Care of your Stationaries

Keep a proper box or cup for your stationery. Otherwise, you will keep searching for them everywhere.




Pratibha Yadav

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