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How to be a Happy Teenager

Holistic Learning and Development

How to be a Happy Teenager

A happy teenager is one who’s at peace and knows exactly what to do.

By Pratibha Yadav 28th May, 2015 12:31 pm

Teenage is a great phase of every individual’s life; however, it’s filled with lot of confusions. With all the pressure coming from parents, teachers and sometimes friends, it becomes hard to stay happy. A happy teenager is one  who’s at peace and knows exactly what to do.

If you end up being sad often, then these simple yet important tips will help you emerge as a happier teenager.


Love Yourself

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Loving yourself is like breathing. You just can’t do well without it. Just love yourself. Nobody else knows you better than yourself. Be your favourite. Don’t let other people lower your confidence.


Be Focused

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Teenage is indeed a delicate age and the confusion in life makes it all the more difficult to stay focused. Discover your passion, follow your dreams and don’t be afraid of doing things which make you happy. Focus on happiness.


Don't Let Criticism Affect You

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Criticism is part of life. People are different and have different opinions; you need to create a filter in your mind and only let in the opinions of people who matter to you. Criticism makes us stronger. So be open to it. Learn from it instead of letting it affect you.


Be Kind to Everyone

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Kindness is a virtue which we must possess. You can win hearts through kindness. Being rude to your parents, teachers or friends can lead you nowhere. Be kind and expect kindness in return.


Make Friends

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You must have good friends to stay happy. You can discuss your problems, thoughts and viewpoints with your close friends. Be open to making friends and enjoy their company.


Spend Time with Family

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Remember, family will always be your great support system. No matter what, they’ll always guide you in the right path. Therefore, try to spend quality time with your family.


Play Sports

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As a teenager, you’re still growing. Sports and other outdoor activities will keep you fit and healthy. If you aren’t healthy, you can’t stay happy, howsoever hard you try. Go ahead and play your favourite sport.


Listen to Music

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Music changes your mind and soothes your soul. So, why not make music your companion and drive away sadness?



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If you read a lot, you become an informed teenager. Read books, newspapers and stay informed. Reading makes you a mature person and eventually places you in a happier space.




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A smile is infectious and a good way to spread happiness. Smile and make others smile.

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