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How Human Actions Affect the Ecosystem


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While we are focusing on developments and inventions, we have somehow neglected our ecosystem. We may not realise but even our smallest actions create an imbalance in the ecosystem. Have you ever realised how the act of cutting a tree (which is normal for us) affects our ecosystem in a big way? A tree which is a habitat to many birds, insects and microorganisms gets cut in a few seconds, and several species lose their habitat. Now imagine the millions of trees which are cut for commercial purposes around the world. The loss of habitat is enormous. Many of our actions have a long-term effect on the ecosystem, and surprisingly, we do not even realise the effect.


Mining: We mine and extract natural resources for our benefits, but we forget that excessive mining can actually harm our ecosystem and create a serious imbalance. In fact, it is already creating an imbalance. Sand mining leads to the loss of sand which makes a river bed. Loss of sand leads to loss of habitat for many species, and the danger of floods increases. It is not just the rivers; mining from the mountains leaves them vulnerable to both landslides and earthquakes. Whatsoever may be the case, we have no right to destroy our natural surroundings.


Deforestation: The issue of deforestation has been spoken of again and again, and many measures have also been taken to stop it. However, the issue is still serious and it continues to happen in many parts of the country. The loss of trees makes the land barren and infertile, leading to soil erosion during the rains. In short, not only the ecosystem but also agriculture suffers.


Industrialisation: Industries? Well, they are good for progress and employment, but when it comes to the ecosystem, they hardly contribute, unless the industry practises eco-friendly techniques, which is again a distant reality.


Use of Artificial Fertilisers: The excessive use of fertilisers, pesticides and insecticides in agriculture leads to toxification, harming various life forms. Not every species can bear toxic chemicals, and thus, they start disappearing, thereby creating an imbalance in the ecosystem.


Fisheries: Fisheries are one of the important businesses in India. The livelihood of many is dependent on fishing activities. The increased rate of fishing is actually proving to be a threat to many fish species.


-Pratibha Yadav

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