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How Good is Union Budget 2015 for the Education Sector?

Now, when Union Budget 2015 has been released. Let's take a look at how good is for the Education Sector?

Accessible Education

In the recent Union Budget, Rs 68,960 crore has been reserved for education and mid-day meals. If that is the case, primary education should no longer be a distant reality in the rural areas. The budget will only be successful if education is made available in almost every part of the country. Developing infrastructure and adding other adequate facilities in schools are important, but accessibility to education is something which young India needs. With an aim to establish institutions at different parts of the country, the budget looks good for the education sector.

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Visa-on-arrival is increased to 150 countries. It is a thoughtful move as it will enhance tourism in the country. It will help India grow on a global level in the education sector.

Digital India

Today, digital India is growing leaps and bounds. Surprisingly, there is no concrete step taken towards digital education. Online education has great importance at present. Some developments in this field would have been appreciable.

No Steps towards Teacher Skill Development

Also, the budget does not talk about any training or skill development of teachers. Such a step would have strengthened our basic foundation of education. Teachers play an important role in improving the quality of education.

Student Loans

Pradhan Mantri Vidya Lakshmi Programme will ensure that no student sacrifices studies because of lack of funds. Well, this programme is a great way to help a deserving student pursue an academic dream. After all, students should not leave their studies because of financial scarcity. Let’s see how well this plan materialises in reality.

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