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Hotel Management: The next big thing!

What is Hotel Management?

Hotel Management is related to the fields of hospitality, tourism or catering and management. If you have a steadfast holiday spirit and enjoy the company of tourists, then there is a huge scope to make it big and quickly scale up the career ladder in this sector. While some in the industry get an opportunity to serve people as they travel the world on cruise liners, a few make it their job to help others have a fun day on the beach in this sunrise industry.

Good Hotel Management courses are job-oriented, relevant and in accord with recent trends. Besides being light and fun, they equip you with people skills that last a lifetime.

Hotel Management Courses

  1. Bachelor of Hotel Management
  2. Diploma in Hotel Management
  3. BSc in Hotel Management and Catering

Eligibility Criteria

Students who have completed Class 12 (any stream) are eligible to apply for any of these courses.

1. Bachelor of Hotel Management

The BHM course is a regular, fully residential, 4-year undergraduate course. The 4 years of the course are divided into 8 semesters. During these 8 semesters, students are trained in different sets of theoretical subjects and have to attend practical classes.

The course helps develop skills which will help graduates thrive in the Hotel and Tourism Management sector. It helps them take on managerial posts in these sectors. Entrepreneurial skills are also honed during this course.

Important subjects taught in this course are Communication Skills (English), Food Production (Theory and Practical), Housekeeping, Front End Operations, Management Skills, Accounting, Business Law, Nutrition and Food Science, Business Ethics, Human Resource Management, Event Management, Public Relations, Travel Management and Entrepreneurial Skills.

2. Diploma in Hotel Management

For those who may not be able to spend the four long years required to complete the degree course, the Diploma in Hotel Management (DHM) programme is the right solution. It takes just a year! In a span of 1 year, students are given theoretical and practical knowledge. The only sad part here is that holding a Diploma is not as valuable as having the Bachelor’s degree.

Important topics taught in this programme are Front Officer Operations, Management Skills, HR Management, Communications Skills, Food Production and Nutrition, and Principles of Hotel and Tourism Management.

3. BSc in Hotel Management and Catering

This is a 3-year BSc course. It is shorter than the BHM programme by a year, and it takes more time to complete than the DHM programme. Like the other programmes, this one too lays much importance on both theoretical and practical knowledge. Important subjects covered in this programme are Communications Skills, Hotel Management and Administration, Front Office Management, Event Management, Food Production, Travel Management, Housekeeping, Accounts, Tourism and Travel Management, and Marketing Management.

Scope and Opportunities

The booming hotel and hospitality industry is the prime recruiter. New forms of tourism such as Health Tourism, Adventure Tourism and Heritage Tourism are also growing rapidly. Graduates of the above-mentioned Hotel Management courses easily find jobs created by these industry trends.

Skilled and meritorious graduates will be able to land managerial roles in five star and popular hotel and resort chains. With time and by gaining relevant experience, they could even get promoted to higher posts. The starting salary varies from 2 to 5 lakh rupees per year. The Government has also come up with many exciting plans such as Railway Tourism and State Government Tourism plans.

As of now, the Hotel, Hospitality and Tourism sectors are badly understaffed in India. There is a dearth of skilled professionals in these fields. So, fresh graduates are quickly absorbed and are valued at the work place. Just make sure that you choose a reputed and recognised institute/university when deciding to pursue a Hotel Management course. When it comes to finding a job which pays well in the hospitality industry, the teaching quality of the institute as well as the format of the course you complete play a huge role. So, remember to keep this fact in mind when choosing a degree/diploma course in Hotel Management. Good luck!

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