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Guglielmo Marconi: Inventor of the First Radio Communication System

Guglielmo Marconi, the Italian inventor and physicist, developed the first effective system of radio communication. He was a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and inventor credited for his groundbreaking work in all future radio technology. Let us find out about Marconi’s contribution to science.

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His Contribution

Marconi had a strong interest in science and electricity since childhood. In 1899, he founded the London-based Marconi Telegraph Company. His original work on transmission was not much of a success, but on 12 December 1901, Marconi sent and received the first wireless message across the Atlantic Ocean, from Cornwall, England, to a military base camp in Newfoundland.

Later, in 1902, Marconi started working on experiments which stretched the distance that wireless communication could travel, until he successfully established a transatlantic service from Glace Bay in Nova Scotia, Canada, to Clifden, Ireland.

Marconi also played some important roles during World War I, starting as a lieutenant in 1914 and finishing as a naval commander. He was also sent on a diplomatic mission to the United States and France.

Along with groundbreaking work in wireless network, Marconi also established the British Broadcasting Company in 1922.

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