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Fruit of the Season: Mango


Fruit of the Season: Mango

By Admin 14th May, 2014 04:51 pm

What is the first thing which comes to mind during the summer? The heat? Okay, if you ignore the irritating heat aspect of the summer, you have something to relish and enjoy. Yes! We are talking about the luscious fruit of the summer season: MANGO. Most of us love mangoes. So, let’s look at the various ways in which we can eat/drink the fruit this season.


Mango Lemonade


Mango juice is very common, but making a mango juice with a twist is what makes things innovative. If you have had enough of simple mango juices, then it’s time you try mango lemonade. Easy-to-make mango lemonade: Add lemonade (or lime water) to mango juice!




Mangoes can be used in a variety of desserts. You can use mango pulp in your regular vanilla ice-cream and enjoy the mixed flavour. In fact, you can choose your favourite flavour of readymade ice-cream and add mango pulp to it. You can even make mango kulfis and mango custards at home.




Why only have mangoes in fruit salads? We can use raw mangoes in our vegetable salads as well. Cut thin pieces of raw mangoes and use them in your regular salad. Raw mangoes are beneficial during the summer and make us immune to excessive summer heat.



Aamras is a deliciously sweet drink commonly drunk in summer. This traditional Gujarati drink is made from mango pulp. You can also add ghee and milk to make it tastier.


Mango Chunda


Making mango chunda is another way to enjoy mangoes. Although the process of making mango chunda is lengthy, if you taste it once, you’ll definitely love it.


Mango Lassi

Why have plain lassi when you can add flavours to it? Mango lassi is usually available in the market and is also easy to make. Mango lassi is another great way to enjoy your mangoes.


Spicy and Tangy Mango Chutney


Have you ever tried the spicy and tangy mango chutney? If you haven’t, then you’re missing on a serious tangy thing! You must give it a try. Made from raw mangoes, mango chutney can be eaten during both lunch and dinner. You can also club it with snacks like potato and onion pakodas, potato fries and chips.


Mango Tea


Mango tea is another innovative way to enjoy mangoes. It would be interesting to drink tea with a new flavour. Don’t you think?


Pratibha Yadav

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