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FIFA World Cup 2014 Review: Goals in Colour

We have prepared a fun info graphic based on goals scored by the teams in accordance to their jersey colours. There were 32 countries who participated in this year’s World Cup. There were a total of 161 goals scored in 64 matches with an average of 2.5 goals per match.



The chart is led by the Red teams which had the highest representation. Nine teams including Belgium, South Korea, Croatia, Spain, Portugual and others scored 43 goals cumulatively. They are followed by the seven white teams including Germany, Ghana, Greece, England, USA and others who have scored 37 goals cumulatively. 


The sky-blue teams included Argentina and Uruguay have scored the least number of goals collectively- 12. This also depends on the fact that they had the least number of teams.


-Sayan Ganguly and Sumanth Avian

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