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Difference between Home Tutor Learning and Online Learning | Which is Best for the ICSE Board Exam

Are you looking for some extra guidance to nail your upcoming board exam?

When talking about online learning and home tutor learning, we are often confused about making a final decision. It is a must to acquaint yourself with the merits and drawbacks of each.

Home Tutor Learning vs Online Learning: ICSE Board Exams

This comparison between online and home tutor learning will highlight the key points and purpose of both learning procedures, offering you an idea to help you choose how to prepare for your ICSE class 10 exams. Let us discuss by comparing both learning forms.

Better Communication and In-depth Learning

When you prepare for your ICSE board exams offline, you mainly focus on the explanation given by the teacher. There are very few situations where the student gets to communicate with the teacher. Hence, most of the time, you need to rely on your understanding skills to grasp fundamental principles and complicated concepts.

On the other hand, with an online learning site, you can engage in an interactive session while preparing for your board exams and engage with others more often. Online learning platforms like TopperLearning allow students to gain informative knowledge in creative ways with online video lectures, mock tests and sample papers to prepare well for your ICSE board exams. With online learning, knowledge transfer has become a mutual connection between students and teachers. Hence, digital platforms offer interactive features to engage young minds, enhancing their power of imagination.

Flexible Learning Opportunities

With the introduction of online learning platforms, gaining access to multiple study materials has become easier for students. Hence, if you’re appearing for your ICSE board exams, you can gain several learning study materials from our platform.

However, when discussing home tutor learning, the study material provided is limited. You can only utilise academic textbooks and some notes provided by a tutor that might not be sufficient for in-depth understanding.

Personalised Learning

When a group of students is learning offline under the guidance of a single teacher, the teacher uses conventional methods for explaining different concepts. As each student has varying learning capabilities to learn new things, slow learners lack in grasping knowledge as compared to fast learners.

Wherein online learning platforms explain concepts in multiple playful and creative ways, which makes learning fun for each student. Moreover, online tutors implement a personalised approach towards each student to ensure that none of them stays behind, and hence, each student is well prepared for their ICSE board exams.

Learning Analytics

Online platforms offer online assessment. These online assessments are accompanied by exclusive analytical tools used by teachers to monitor each student's preparation level separately. This helps the teacher analyse each student's progress report as the metrics engine implemented by the tools creates analytical reports presenting preparation gaps.

This procedure is unavailable and impossible for home tutors, as the teacher manually monitors the performance and creates progress reports of each student. Moreover, physical reports might result in some errors.

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The benefits offered by online learning platforms offer a more flexible learning procedure as compared to home tutor learning. Moreover, online education connects the gaps, helping students learn creatively and easily with subject experts available for 24x7 assistance.

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