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Concise Mathematics Class 10: A Simplified Approach to Mastering the ICSE Curriculum

Mathematics is a subject that can only be excelled through practice. It is also the most scoring subject, as the marks can be scored on the right steps even when the final answer is incorrect. Knowing different techniques and getting familiar with different worth-remembering values like logarithms and trigonometric angles comes with practice.

Specifications of Selina Concise Mathematics Class 10

The Concise Mathematics 10 book is authored by R. K. Bansal and published through Selina Publishers. Written in simple and comprehensible English language, it encourages the thinking bend of mind promoting the application of known formulas through different problems. As the book has been written by a subject matter expert and further proofread, everything is correct, making it a reliable option.

Question Distribution in Concise Mathematics 10 According to ICSE Syllabus

●       Chapter 1 is GST (Goods and Service Tax), and the book has 26 questions from pages 8 to 10 and pages 17 and 18.

●       Chapter 2 is about Banking (Recurring deposit account). The Concise Maths class 10 book has 34 questions on pages 23 and 24.

●       Chapter 3 is Shares and Dividends, whose 55 questions are present on pages 29, 36, 37 and 38.

●       Chapter 4 is linear equations (in one variable). The book covers 89 questions on pages 44, 49 and 50.

●       Chapter 5 in ICSE Mathematics is Quadratic Equations. The 137 problems are provided for practice.

●       Chapter 6 is about Solving (simple) problems (Based on Quadratic Equations). The 70 problems here deal with the factorisation of quadratic equations, the nature of roots and quadratic equations.

●       Chapter 7 is about Ratio and Proportion, whose 123 questions are associated with concepts of ratio and proportion, componendo and dividendo, alternendo and invertendo properties and direct applications.

●       Chapter 8 is about remainder and factor theorems with polynomial factorisation, remainder and factor theorem. The book provides 55 questions in this chapter.

●       Chapter 9 is a matrix solution, and chapter 10 is an arithmetic progression. Concise mathematics has around 200 questions for these 2 chapters.

●       Chapter 11 is a geometric progression with 60 questions, and chapter 12 is reflection solutions with 49 questions to solve.

●       Chapter 13 is a section and midpoint formula providing 69 questions on distance, section, line segment, and coordinate formula.

●       Chapter 14 is the equation of a line solution, and chapter 15 is similarity. Students can expect around 250 questions in this chapter.

●       Chapter 16 is loci, and chapter 17 circles. Students can get hands-on practice on around 200 questions.

●       The chapters, like tangents and intersecting chords and circle construction, are given around 150 questions.

●       Find a similar number of questions in chapter 20, which deals with cylinders, cones and spheres, chapter 21, with trigonometric identities and chapter 22, which is about height and distance.

●       Chapter 23 is a graphical representation with 15 questions and chapter 24 measures central tendency with 70 questions.

●       The last chapter, 25, is probability solutions with around 200 questions.

To Sum Up

Concise Mathematics for class 10 is the best book for hands-on practice. Students can use it to gain speed in solving questions of varying difficulty levels. Moreover, if they find themselves stuck on a question, it is in their best interest to turn to TopperLearning’s Concise Selina Solutions for Class 10 Mathematics.

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