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Class 6 History textbooks have wrong maps!

A recent media report revealed that History textbooks of Class 6 are filled with glaring errors. Two of the major ones are the locations of Kanheri Caves and Delhi in the maps. While Kanheri Caves is located within Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Borivali, the maps in the books show it located in the Arabian Sea! And most of Delhi, which is on the Western bank of the Yamuna River, is shown to be located on the Eastern bank! The maps also show the Mediterranean Sea as land!

Steps are being taken by Balbharti to rectify the major errors. The Marathi version of the History textbooks have already been distributed to students and hence a circular with corrected maps will be given to lakhs of students who already posses the textbooks.

Since the English version and other language version haven’t been distributed to students till now, maps with the rectification of errors will be put into them.

Interestingly, the Geography textbooks of Class 10 in 2014 were also filled with major errors.

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