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Chemistry CBSE Class 12 Marking Scheme

One of the smartest ways to study is to follow the marking scheme. Through the marking scheme, students can plan their studies and devote the required amount of time and effort to a particular chapter of a subject. Here is the marking scheme for CBSE Chemistry for Class 12.

The CBSE paper pattern for Chemistry has 5 categories of questions:

1) Long Answer Questions

2) Value Based Questions

3) Short Answer (SA) – Part 1

4) Short Answer (SA) – Part 2

5) Very Short Answer Questions (VSA)

There are about 26 questions covered in these categories amounting to 70 marks:

Long Answer Questions: There are three long answer questions amounting to 5 marks each.

Value Based Questions: The question paper has one value-based question of 4 marks.

Short Answer Question – SA-1: There are twelve short answer questions in this category carrying 3 marks each.

Short Answer Question – SA-2: There are five questions of 2 marks each.

Very Short Answer (VSA): There are five questions carrying one mark each.

These 26 questions are divided in different categories to test the knowledge of students based on criteria such as knowledge, understanding, application, higher order thinking skill (HOTS), evaluation and multi-disciplinary.


The above image shows the chapter-wise marking scheme for Chemistry.Now that you know the marking scheme of Chemistry, all you need to do is follow this marking scheme and plan and prepare accordingly.

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