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CBSE Class 8 SA1 Tips for Mathematics

  • Begin by practising ‘Comparing Quantities’, because the maximum number of questions most likely will come from this chapter
  • Practise as many types of application problems as possible
  • It would be very helpful to practise at least one graph (it can be a histogram or a pie chart) in the chapter ‘Data Handling’ every alternate day
  • Alternate the days where graphs are not being practised with a construction from ‘Practical Geometry’; one construction from that chapter is bound to come in the exam
  • After ‘Comparing Quantities’ is done, give preference to ‘Linear Equations in One Variable’; application problems are very important in this chapter







  1. Rational Numbers


  • Rational Numbers between two rational numbers


  1. Square and Square Roots


  • Finding the square root  through Prime Factorization
  • Finding the square root  by the Division Method
  1. Linear Equations in One Variable



  • Application problems
  1. Data Handling


  • Histogram
  • Pie Charts
  • Probability


  1. Understanding Quadrilaterals




  1. Practical Geometry




  1. Comparing Quantities


  • Increase/Decrease Percent
  • Cost price/Selling price, profit%/loss%
  • Sales Tax and Value added Tax
  • Compound Interest(Rate compounded Annually or Yearly)
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