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Best Reference Books for Class 10th & 12th CBSE Students 2023-2024

The search for an appropriate reference book becomes significant as the new academic year 2023-2024 begins for CBSE students. A wise choice of reference materials can greatly increase clarity and grasp regarding various subjects. Here, we look at some of the best reference books for CBSE Class 10th and 12th, based on the updated syllabus as per the new pattern.

1. Mathematics - RD Sharma

RD Sharma’s Mathematics books are adhered to as a yardstick by the CBSE 10th and 12th class students. With complete coverage of CBSE syllabus and numerous solved examples along with practice questions, RD sharma’s books act as a perfect guide for becoming a master of mathematical concepts. The sequential model helps in laying a good base on the topic.

2. Mathematics - R S Aggarwal and V Aggarwal

R S Aggarwal and V Aggarwal wrote one mathematics reference book. The books are constructed to complement the CBSE curriculum, offering students various orders of issues that rise with complexity. These books are necessary for Class 10th and 12th students because of the clarity in their explanations and the number of practice questions they provide.

3. Science - Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur

The Science books written by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur are recommended for CBSE students who require further information on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The contents of the books follow CBSE syllabus and they are famous for their underlying simplicity. Practical questions and experiments are also added to make the learning process more effective.

4. Biology - P S Verma and V K Agarwal

To Biology students in CBSE Class 10th, P S Verma and V K Agarwal’s book is crucial. This book covers the CBSE curriculum in depth with specific explanations and diagrams. The case studies and applications of biological concepts create a more interactive learning process that is practical.

5. Accountancy - T S Grewal

The Accountancy books written by T S Grewal have earned much popularity among students of class 11 & 12th Commerce. The books all deeply understand accountancy principles, financial statements, and company accounts. T S Grewal’s books are characterised by the clarity of concepts and many practice tasks, making them invaluable sources for students.

Other Reference Books

●       Maths - Frank Solutions for ICSE

Books from Frank Solutions are a great choice for ICSE Class 9th and 10th students studying. Students of CBSE board can also use the book as it provides detailed coverage of the syllabus. Frank Solutions is a to-go maths book that includes lots of solved examples, practice questions and enough theory to help us understand the concept.


Choosing the right reference books is a major milestone in achieving success through CBSE Class 10 and 12. The books listed above, such as RD Sharma for Mathematics, are popular because they help students understand the CBSE syllabus. Spend time learning these resources, and you will become well-prepared to handle academic challenges with a strong sense of mastery.

Furthermore, TopperLearning is a versatile online resource that offers solutions to all the recommended books in this list. TopperLearning is a true companion to CBSE students as it has got an array of study materials, interactive content and doubt clarifying features. Put these resources to good use, backed up by the assistance from TopperLearning, and you will be ready for any obstacles on your way to ace CBSE boards. 

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