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Balancing Board Exam and Entrance Exam Prep

Exam Special

Balancing Board Exam and Entrance Exam Prep

Combine theory, problem solving and past year paper solving in the study sessions during exams to strengthen your entrance exam preparation.

By Snehal Naik 20th Mar, 2017 10:58 am

High school students are fighting a war of priorities right now. Besides preparing for the ongoing board exams, they also have to continue to have an insane amount of sanity left to feed their entrance exam preparation.

While it is natural to believe that it is unfair to hold entrance exams so close to the board exams, academic experts at TopperLearning have a slightly different opinion. At the outset, students are bound to be overwhelmed by preparing for both sets of exams. However, if you listen to these experts and what they have to say, entrance exam prep can actually be a cakewalk.

1. Board exams are a chance to complement the NEET and JEE exam preparations.

2. Stress on an end-to-end complete revision of all the topics during the gaps between the core papers.

3. Ensure sufficient breaks between study sessions to avoid mental fatigue.

4. Combine theory, problem solving and past year paper solving in the study sessions during exams.

5. Problem solving will help you strengthen your Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

6. Eliminate your weaknesses during the last leg of board exam preparation.

7. Prepare yourself for marathon study sessions during the gap days.

8. On the day prior to the exam, restrict study sessions to not more than four hours.

9. Eat healthy and take breaks in between.

10. Sleep well before your rise to write the next paper. 

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