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Animated Movies You Must Watch

Are you a movie buff who just loves to watch animated movies? Here’s a list of five animated movies you MUST watch.

The Lion King


One of the best animated movies from the house of Walt Disney, The Lion King is a captivating story about Simba, a young lion who fights against deceit and evil to save his father’s kingdom, and in the process, he finds his identity to eventually become the next rightful king. Set in the jungles of Africa, the movie beautifully encapsulates the nuances of this beautiful world, complete with a soulful soundtrack.

Finding Nemo


We often get the feeling and resent our parents for being overprotective for no reason. Finding Nemo will change these notions with the help of a little clownfish, Nemo. Nemo gets trapped in a fishing net, while trying to be a daredevil and ends up in the aquarium of a naughty little girl far from his home. The story highlights the journey of his brave father who swims many miles to rescue his son, while battling many dangers. With well drawn characters, an adventurous plot and a beautifully drawn underwater world, this movie is truly a treat to watch.


The story of a lovable ogre, Shrek is set in the contrasting backdrop of a swamp and a magical kingdom. In his pursuit to reclaim peace in his swamp, Shrek travels to Duloc and happens to win a tournament which awards the winner the privilege of rescuing princess Fiona and marrying her. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds and he has to tide over a lot of difficulties in his quest. Fairytale characters, heroic deeds and hilarious dialogues makes Shrek a delight to watch.

Kung Fu Panda


This movie is an all round entertainer, whose protagonist is Po, a lazy panda who eats, sleeps and dreams Kung Fu. Hilarious from the start, the movie charts Po’s journey from when he was an insignificant panda working in his dad's restaurant to becoming "The Dragon Warrior." With ancient China as its backdrop, the movie brilliantly showcases the art of martial arts through its well written characters.



It was the first 3D animated movie to open at the Cannes Film Festival. Two crazy fans of an explorer, Charles F. Muntz, Carl and Ellie fall in love and grow old together. As a little girl, Ellie confides to Carl that she dreams of moving her clubhouse (an abandoned house) to cliff looking over Paradise Falls. Carl, now an old man, with the help of helium balloons manages to reach Paradise falls with his little boy scout companion, Russell and lands up in a surprising adventure there. Up is a story of love and bravery and is a movie that should not be missed!

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