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An overwhelming feeling: ICSE topper

Odisha’s Abineet Parichha is no ordinary kid. He has aced the ICSE Class 10 exams all over India! The teenager has scored a jaw-dropping 99.2% with 100/100 in Maths, Social Science and Computers, 98/100 in Science and English and 96/100 in Odia. TopperLearning caught up with him. Read on…

Abineet Parichha

First, congratulations on this achievement! How does it feel to top the ICSE Exams all over India? Has it sunk in yet?

Thank you so much! It definitely feels very good, although I must confess it was unexpected. It is an overwhelming feeling. I have not fully realised the depth of it till now, but I am getting there slowly.

What was your first thought when you came to know that you have topped all over India?

My principal broke the news to me, and I could not believe it! I thought she was exaggerating because I felt other students might have scored more than me as it wasn’t confirmed yet.

How did you break the news to your parents? What was their reaction?

After my principal told me (and I still didn’t believe it), I called my parents and told them on the phone. They were super excited and overwhelmed. I told them very casually as like I said it was unbelievable!

Tell us a little about your family.

My father is a businessman. He deals with property. My mom is a housewife. I have an elder brother. He is currently studying integrated law. Basically, we belong to a middle class family.

Were you always a topper throughout your school life?

Ever since I remember… I think ever since Class 5 I have stood first in class.

Any favourite subjects?

I love Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Did you participate in any extracurricular activities?

Oh yes, I did. I took part in essay writing competitions, school debates and football matches. My favourite sport is chess.

What do you like doing in your free time?

I like to play the keyboard; I love chess, reading novels, especially ones by Agatha Christie.

Just before you would begin to write your answer sheets, what would be going on in your mind?

To answer every question, I see accurately as the answer is in my mind and to complete the paper on time!

Did you have a study plan? How did you prepare for your Board exams?

I didn’t have any particular timetable per se. I used to dedicate 3–4 hours every day. That was sufficient. I saw to it that I read a lot every time I had free time. That reading helped me a lot.

Did you follow any particular diet?

I don’t think digestion has anything to do with scoring marks! So, I didn’t follow any particular diet. Basically, I am a foodie and I love everything mom makes!

Would you like to share any preparation tips with students?

Well, I can say students must be interested in whatever they are doing. That’s what dad always told me. Interest is a vital factor in the way one performs in anything they do. The more interested one is, the better they will perform.

You wish to pursue cosmology. What fascinates you about cosmology?

I was always interested in cosmology. I am very curious about the unknown. Our space and the Universe fascinate me.

What are your plans for the future?

Right now, I wish to get admission to a good college. Thereafter, I would like to get into a reputed IIT, then do PhD, and finally, get into research work. So, this is the plan as of now.

Finally, what motivated you to give your best shot in every exam you appeared?

I am very passionate about reading and very hungry for gaining knowledge. Reading made me more aware. Also, I used to jot down everything new I came to know. Gaining knowledge was my main motto. This is what inspired me to give my best shot all the time.

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