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Ace Your Exams: How to Use NCERT Solutions for Class 12 to Enhance Your Learning and Prepare for Board Exams

Students must refer to the most accurate study material when studying for senior secondary and higher secondary exams. To obtain good scores in the CBSE exams, students must know how to utilise the NCERT solutions to their advantage. To learn and retain all the important material in the textbooks, they must adhere to a thoroughly considered study schedule.

The students can use the following tips to enhance their learning and prepare for class 12 exams:

Keep the Syllabus Handy

Even though the NCERT textbook follows the most recent CBSE syllabus, students must always have the CBSE syllabus on hand. As you read through your curriculum, the more important topics that call for more attention will become clearer to you. If you only have a short amount of time to prepare, this practice will be much more effective. You'll be able to skip over the less important topics and concentrate more on the critical ones.

Read the Chapter

Read the chapter while studying the CBSE solutions class 12 for the first time. Your objective should be to read and comprehend the topics completely. It would be best if you didn't try to mug it all in one go. Such preparations are short, and there is a greater probability that you may mix up topics or forget them just before the test.

Solve Previous Year's Question Papers

You will have a general understanding of everything in the chapter once you have finished reading it. Before moving on to the second read, you should check over TopperLearning' 's previous year's question papers. You may then see what questions are most typically asked about each subject. Therefore, when you read the book once more, you will understand the significance of each concept and pay attention to the solutions to these questions.

Take Notes

Underline the important details of a particular topic and take notes. The practice of writing down increases your preparations tenfold. Furthermore, taking notes from the NCERT solutions class 12 differs from reading a topic and writing it down in a notebook. There are additional details. The things you read should be completely understood before you write notes on the most crucial details using bullets to make them easier to comprehend. The proper method for taking notes is to:

●       Reading the passage or specific topic carefully and comprehending it

●       Once understood, write it down in your language.

●       Use flowcharts, graphs, and figures in your notes to facilitate easy learning and simple revisions.

Practice Exercises

NCERT textbooks ensure that students are provided with sufficient practice material. It would be best if you answered all the exercise questions asked after every chapter. When you answer practice questions, you frequently gain clarity on the topics that you struggled with throughout the chapter. These questions are essential for your learning and a quick review of the fundamental aspects in a smarter way, in addition to being important for the exam.


NCERT solutions are the best alternative for CBSE students, considering it covers the complete CBSE curriculum for Class 12 Science and Commerce. Students can access NCERT Solutions Class 12 Science and Commerce on the TopperLearning platform. These solutions have simplified and well-explained challenging concepts and subjects to make learning more engaging. Students can study for exams more effectively and efficiently with the help of NCERT solutions.

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