write about the sources and the imporance of

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Water collecting on the ground or in a stream, river, lake, wetland, or ocean is called surface water, as opposed to groundwater or atmospheric water.

Surface water is naturally replenished by precipitation i.e. rains and snow and naturally lost through discharge to evaporation, and sub-surface seepage into the groundwater. Some of the water entering the soil can return to the surface through wells, springs and marshes. Groundwater can be responsible for maintaining the hydrologic balance of surface streams, springs, lakes, wetlands and marshes

Surface water is a good source of water for all living organisms. The main uses of surface water include drinking-water and other public uses, irrigation uses, and for use by the thermoelectric-power industry to cool electicity-generating equipment. The majority of water used for thermoelectric power, public supply, irrigation, mining, and industrial purposes is from surface-water sources.

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