Write : (a) molecular formula, (b) electron dot formula and (c) structural formula of ethene (ethylene). 2. The molecules of alkene family are represented by a general formula CnH2n. Answer the following: (a) What do n and 2n signify ? (b) What is the name of alkene when n = 4? (c) What is the molecular formula of alkene when n= 4? (d) What is the molecular formula of the alkene if there are ten H atoms in it ? (e) What is the structural formula of the third member of the alkene family? (f) Write the molecular formula of lower and higher homologous of an alkene which contains four carbon atoms. 3. (a) Distinguish between the saturated hydrocarbon ethane and the unsaturated hydrocarbon ethene by drawing their structural formulae. (b) Draw the structures of isomers of butene and write their IUPAC names. 4. Give a balanced equation for the lab. preparation of ethylene. How is the gas collected ?​

Asked by rajk1001990 | 25th Jan, 2020, 11:03: AM

Expert Answer:

(a) Molecular formula: C2H4
(b) Electron dot structure:
(c) Structural formula:

Answered by Ramandeep | 28th Jan, 2020, 11:11: AM