write 2 advantages of digital signal.write 1 diffrenve between fax and e-mail systems of communication.

Asked by ESHA ESHA | 22nd Feb, 2013, 11:31: AM

Expert Answer:

Difference between email and fax are:

An email is stored and then forwarded by the internet to the recipient. An email is not a runtime message. There is always a considerable time lag between the sender’s sending and receiver’s receiving. Email gets stored in the recipient's inbox. 

A fax is not stored in any kind of device. The original document is copied and the photocopy of the original document is sent via telephone connection (not internet) and printed on the other side (receiver’s end). Fax is a runtime message. The receiver receives the copy of the document instantly after it is copied by the fax machine on the sender’s end. Fax do not get stored in the recipient's inbox.

 Advantages of digital  signal:
1.Highly resistive to noise as we are dealing with binary digits.
2.Highly secure.

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