why silk cloth is used to rub the insulator PVC pipe to attract to each other not any other clothes?

Asked by Shomyajit Misra Misra | 31st Mar, 2014, 08:42: PM

Expert Answer:

On rubbing two bodies the electric charges are developed on both the bodies similtaneously.The charges developed on both the bodies are equal in magnitude but opposite in nature.
Only the insulators like glass, ebonite, plastic ,silk fur, etc can be charged by friction on rubbing them together because they do not allow the charges developed to flow through them .Hence the charges remains at the place where it is rubbed .The charge will not reach our body when we hold its other ends.
On the other hand, metals like conductors will also be charged by friction but the charges will not remain at the end where it is rubbed,it spreads equally on entire surface The charge will pass through our body to earth if we hold its other end.Hence to charge a conductor it must be handled by an insulator.
Due to this reason silk cloth (insulator) is used to rub the insulator pvc pipe to attract each other than any other clothes .

Answered by  | 1st Apr, 2014, 10:52: AM

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