why electric charge flow from higher to lower potential only. why not from lower to higher?

Asked by harshita srivastava | 13th Apr, 2013, 07:58: PM

Expert Answer:

Accumulation of electrons in the negative terminal of a battery creates a negative potential (low potential), and the deficiency of electrons in the positive terminal creates a positive potential (high potential). Hence, electrons flow from low potential to high potential; but current as we know flows from high to low potential.

Flow of current is not the flow of positive charge or protons. It is a convention that has been followed since the discovery of electric charge, that current flows from high potential to low potential.

Thus, we conclude that in a circuit current flow from high potential to low potential and electrons flow from low potential to high potential.

The direction of current that we follow is actually a convention which has been followed for centuries. Flow of electrons constitutes current. And in a battery the negative terminal has accumulation of electrons not the positive terminal.


Answered by  | 15th Apr, 2013, 12:21: PM

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