why does the sun appear reddish early in the morning? will this phenomenon be observed by an astronaut on the moon ? give reason to justify your answer

Asked by drishtidixitb | 13th Mar, 2021, 02:31: PM

Expert Answer:

  1. During sunrise and sunset, sunlight travels a greater distance through the atmosphere.
  2. Because of this, blue light is scattered more than red light and it directly enters our eyes.
  3. Hence, the sky and Sun appear red during sunrise and sunset.
  4. Atmospheric refraction is the phenomenon of bending of light on passing through the Earth’s atmosphere. The reason for this occurrence is that the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere are rarer compared to the lower layers. The astronaut who is on the Moon cannot see the Sun reddish during sunrise because the sunlight going towards the Moon does not undergo refraction as there is no atmosphere on the Moon. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 13th Mar, 2021, 11:33: PM