why bits of paper getting attracted to a comb is a consequence of charging of charging by contact?

Asked by Shomyajit Misra Misra | 31st Mar, 2014, 08:52: PM

Expert Answer:

If we bring bits of paper near a rubber or plastic comb, the comb does not attract the bits of paper but if it is first rubbed on dry hairs and then brought near the paper pieces it attracts.The reason is that the comb on rubbing over dry hairs gets charged and thus an attra ctive property is developed in the comb due to friction.
The comb on rubbing with dry hairs aquires a negative charge due to the movement of electrons from hair to the comb.When the comb is held above the bits of paper(which are electrically neutral) a positive charge is induced at the end of paper nearer the comb and negative at the farther end.As unlike charges are nearer,there occurs a net attraction on the paper pieces as a result of which the paper pieces move towards the comb.
Thus we can say that attraction of paper bits towards a comb is due to the charging of comb by rubbing against dry hairs.

Answered by  | 1st Apr, 2014, 09:08: AM

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