why are dwarf cereal crop prefered over tall cereal crops?

Asked by Nikhilesh | 9th Jun, 2017, 02:45: PM

Expert Answer:

Dwarf cereal crops are preferred over tall cereal crops so that lesser nutrients are consumed for growth and development. A major part of the nutrients are used to increase the yield of grains. Dwarf plants prevent lodging and yield loss. A tall, weak-stemmed crop has a greater tendency to lodge than a semi- dwarf cultivar with a stiffer straw. Under conditions of high moisture and nitrogen fertility, semi-dwarf varieties are less prone to lodging. 

(Note: Lodging is the bending over of the stems near the ground level in grain crops, which makes them very difficult to harvest and can dramatically reduce yield.)

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 9th Jun, 2017, 04:31: PM