what will be the effects if we apply r DNA tecnology with mitrocondrial DNA?

Asked by koushikduttakd1 | 29th Jan, 2018, 09:57: PM

Expert Answer:

If mitochondrial DNA is inserted into the host organism using rDNA technology, then the host cell will be able to perform all the functions carried out by the mitochondria.

Some of the functions which the host cell can potentially carry out include:


  • Energy production
  • Regulation of the self-destruction of cells (apoptosis)
  • Production of substances such as cholesterol and heme
  • Production of molecules such as tRNAs and rRNAs. These types of RNA help assemble protein building blocks (amino acids) into functioning proteins.



Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 30th Jan, 2018, 11:31: AM