What volume of oxygen at S.T.P is required to effect complete combustion of 200 cubic centemeter of acetylene and what would be the volume of carbon dioxide formed?

Asked by Manoj | 8th Jul, 2013, 08:53: PM

Expert Answer:

2C2H2 + 5O2 ?   4CO2 +  2H20
2vol        5vol       4vol       2vol
2vol of C2H2  uses 5vol of O2 for combustion
Therefore, 200cm3 of C2H2 = 5 x 200/ 2
                                                           = 500cm3
By Gay Lussac's law 2vol of C2H2 = 4vol of CO2
Thus, 200cm3 of C2H2 = 4 x 200/2
                                 = 400cm3 of CO2 at STP

Answered by  | 10th Jul, 2013, 01:40: AM

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