What is the relation between A.M.U and relative atomic mass?

Asked by  | 23rd Feb, 2012, 06:41: PM

Expert Answer:

One atomic mass unit (a.m.u.) is defined as a mass exactly equal to one twelfth the mass of one carbon - 12 atom.

 Relative atomic mass:-The relative mass of an atom is its mass compared to the 12C isotope. In other words the standard unit is defined by the carbon 12 atom, which is assigned a value of 12 units. Everything else is measured with respect to this atom and is then described as relative atomic mass.

For example, the mass of a magnesium atom is 2 x the mass of a carbon-12 atom and therefore it has a relative mass of 24.

Answered by  | 24th Feb, 2012, 10:28: AM

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