What is the meaning of  "NAMETODES" ?

What is the meaning of "Peigon pea Green gram and lentill.Will they gives us protiens if yes how ??

Asked by sohailhps.9115 | 24th Jun, 2019, 08:12: PM

Expert Answer:

Pseudocoelomates are the organisms that show the presence of a false coelom or false body cavity. These include the nematodes which belong to phylum Nematoda or Nemathelminthes. These organisms are found in soil and water.

Pigeon pea commonly called red gram, green gram commonly known as moong and lentils which may be green, red or brown all are classified as legumes. Legumes are rich in proteins and act as a protein source in food.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 25th Jun, 2019, 11:03: AM