What is the difference between valency and atomicity? 

What is the valency and atomicity of Potassium, Sulphur, Sodium and Gold? 

Asked by redijsonali | 11th Oct, 2020, 12:16: PM

Expert Answer:

 Valency is the combining capacity of an element or of a radical. Valency is the maximum number of electrons that an atom has to lose, gain or share in order to get stablized.
Atomicity refers to total number of atom present in one molecule of an element.
The main differnce between valency and atomicty is that atomicity explains molecular property and valency explains elemental properties.
Valency=+1, Atomicity=0
Valency=2, Atomicity=8 ( Becasue Sulphur is present in S8 form)
Valency=+1, Valency=0
Valency=+3, +1    Atomicity=0

Answered by Ravi | 11th Oct, 2020, 03:04: PM