What is Co6.

What is radicle.

What is define of veleoncy.

What is the charge of potassium charcolate.

How atom and molecules differ.

Difference between element and mixture.

What is nitre.




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Expert Answer:

CO6 is known as carbon hexoxide. The molecule has a six-membered ring with five oxygen and one carbon atom which is doubly bonded to one of the oxygen.

Radical- An atom, molecule, ion which has unpaired electron is known as radical. Example- Hydroxyl radical (HO.). It has unpaired electron on O atom.


The number of electrons donated or gained or shared by an element to form a bond is known as its valency.
For example - Na loses one electron to form a bond with Cl. So Valency of Na =1

Answered by Ravi | 15th Jun, 2020, 04:41: PM