what is the concept of thermal conductivity and heat current through a compound bar?

Asked by Subiya Khan | 8th Dec, 2013, 09:07: PM

Expert Answer:

Thermal conductivity is basically the property of a material that allows the flow of heat through the material.
Where, A = area of cross section
     T1 - T2 = temperature difference between two faces
             t = time for which the heat flows
             d = distance between the hot and cold faces
As per the above equation heat flowing through a substance  from hot face to cold face ,depends on the factor A , T1 - T2, t and d.
The praportionality constant K is called the coefficient of thermal conductivity. Its value depends on the nature of the material .
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Answered by Komal Parmar | 9th Dec, 2013, 06:40: PM

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