What is ohm's law in vector form?


Asked by neelam.vishva | 25th Jan, 2019, 09:14: PM

Expert Answer:

A vector has 3 propriety, direction in space, versus and the algebric value. On the other hand a scalar is just a number. Electric current is a scalar despite the fact the current have a numerical value and a precise versus in space, but dont have a specific direction in space, the direction of the electric current follow the direction of the wire, so the Current is a scalar, like the voltage.
However, as you have asked what is the vector 'form' of the Ohm's Law, it is,



Where j the current density SI unit : A/m²

E is electric field with SI unit V/m

σ is the conductivity (reciprocal of resistivity).

Answered by Science Mate | 25th Jan, 2019, 11:09: PM