what basically alleles are ?are they genes controlling same trait from diffrent parents or something else?

Asked by upmaniousagarika | 8th Jun, 2016, 11:12: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Normally, every gene has two alternative forms for a character each of which produces different effects in an organism.
  • These alternative forms of a gene are called alleles.
  • Example: In case of pea plants, the stem height is controlled by two alleles, one for tallness and the other for dwarfness.
  • Of the two alleles of a gene, one is dominant, i.e. superruling and the other is recessive, i.e. subordinate or submissive.
  • A dominant allele is an allele which hides or masks the expression of its corresponding allele which then becomes recessive.
  • Genes always work in pairs to produce antagonistic effects on the body of an organism.
  • The effect produced by one allele is masked by the effect produced by its antagonistic allele which gets suppressed and its effect is not visible in the body of the organism. 

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 9th Jun, 2016, 10:41: AM