Is there any limitations of dihybrid cross?

Asked by mesweetayushigupta | 13th Oct, 2019, 01:01: AM

Expert Answer:

Limitations of dihybrid cross:

  • Co-dominance between two dominants coming together as seen in blood group inheritance.
  • Occurrence of non-allelic gene interaction like epistasis, inhibiting factors, presence of comple­mentary gene and additive factors, etc.
  • Linkages between closely situated genes.
  • Non-disjunctions (non-separation of homologous chromosomes) of chromo­somes during the time of formation of gametes.
  • Multiple factor that may or may not be allelic, for a single trait (e.g. skin color, height and weight of human) and their inheritance.
  • Pleiotropic effect of a gene i.e. a gene having influences on more than one trait.
  • Allelism i.e. the presence of a series of alternative genes at a given locus in a chromosome.
  • Presence of a lethal gene, i.e. an allele of a gene that renders inviable an organism.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 14th Oct, 2019, 11:04: AM