Unit cell consists of a cube in which anions(B)  are present at each corner and cations (A) at the centre of the alternate face of the unit cell what is the simplest formula of the compound

Asked by prasadranjan46 | 5th May, 2018, 10:54: AM

Expert Answer:

The contribution of an atom placed at the corner of the unit cell is 1/8
Therefore the total no. of anions (B) which are present in a unit cell is = (1/8) X total no. of corners = (1/8) X 8 = 1 anion
The contribution of an atom placed at face centre = 1/2
When cations are placed at the alternative faces the total no. of atoms are 2 
Therefore total no. of cations are = (1/2) X 2 = 1
Thus, the formula of the compound is AB.

Answered by Ramandeep | 5th May, 2018, 07:03: PM