cation A occupies 2/3rd of all the octahedral voids while the anion B is found in all lattice points predict the formula of the ionic compound formed by them

Asked by shrinithishri2003 | 22nd Jun, 2021, 12:09: AM

Expert Answer:

Type of crystal lattice is not given.
Let's  assume it is hcp.
Coordination number in hcp=12
Cation A is arranged in octahedral voids=12 cross times 2 over 3 equals 8
Number of latttice points in hcp=2
Anion B is arranged on lattice points, number of anion B=2
A  :   B
8  :   2
4  :   1
Formula of compound is A4 B1

Answered by Ravi | 22nd Jun, 2021, 10:49: AM