Two small spheres hang in equilibrium at the bottom ends of threads, 40.0 cm long, that have their top ends tied to the same fixed point. One sphere has mass 2.40 g and charge +300 nC. The other sphere has the same mass and charge +200 nC. Find the distance between the centers of the spheres.

Asked by Prakhar Tripathi | 2nd Jun, 2013, 08:10: AM

Expert Answer:

As seen from the figure, the balanced forces on a charged sphere are:
Now, we assume that h ? 40 cm as the angle is very small.
Thus, we get
Now, the electrostatic force between the two charged spheres is
Thus, we have
Thus, we have

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 24th Sep, 2013, 03:51: PM

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