Two oxides of metal contain 27.6% and 30% of oxygen respectively. If the formula of first oxide is

Asked by Ujjwal Kumar | 5th Oct, 2010, 03:35: PM

Expert Answer:

For the first oxide O=27.6 and M=100-27.6=72.4

For the second oxide O=30.0 and M=70

 72.4 parts by mass of metal=3 atoms of metals

But, 72.4 parts by mass of metal=3*70/72.4 atoms of metal=2.90 atoms of metal

also,27.6 parts by mass of oxygen=4 atoms of O

30 paarts by mass of O=4*30/27.6 atoms of O=4.35 atoms of O

Ratio of M:O=2.90:4.35=2:3

hence formulae will be M2O3 .

Answered by  | 6th Oct, 2010, 10:13: PM

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