Two children are opposite ends of an rod one strikes the end of rod with a stone. Find the ratio of time taken by the sound wave in air and in rod to reach the second child. If the speed of sound in air is 346m/s and in rod 6420m/s

Asked by tanaypandey4 | 11th Feb, 2020, 05:28: PM

Expert Answer:

velocity of sound in air = 346 m/s
velocity of sound in rod  =6420 m/s
 Consider length of rod be d
Time taken by sound wave in air is t1 = d/346
Time taken by sound wave in rod is t2 = d/6420 
Thus, ratio of time taken in air to time taken in rod  =( d/346)/( d/6420) = (d/346) x (6420/d) = 18.5/1 
thus, t1:t2 = 18.5:1

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 11th Feb, 2020, 06:29: PM