The MRP of a product is 55% above its C.P. The product is sold through a retailer, who earns 23% profit on his purchase price . What is the profit percentage for the manufacturer who sells his product to the retailer? The retailer gives 10% discount on MRP.

Asked by Rp7350876 | 30th Mar, 2020, 12:01: PM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 14px style Let space the space CP space be space 100
MRP equals 155
to space Retailer
let space CP equals straight x
straight P percent sign equals 23 percent sign
SP equals 1.23 straight x space Rs
straight D percent sign equals 10 percent sign space on space MRP
Buyer space price equals 155 open parentheses 1 minus 10 over 100 close parentheses equals 139.5 space Rs. space.... at space this space price space the space retailer space gets space 23 percent sign space profit
1.23 straight x equals 139.5
straight x equals 113.41
so space SP thin space for space manufacturer equals 113.41
straight P equals 13.41
straight P percent sign equals fraction numerator 13.41 over denominator 100 end fraction cross times 100 equals 13.41 percent sign end style

Answered by Arun | 1st Apr, 2020, 09:49: AM

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